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Child Abuse Prevention


preventionIn 2007, our children’s theater submitted a proposal to the Office of Children and Youth in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania for creating a primary child abuse prevention program based on the Arts. Our company, with a long record of educational projects, residencies and collaborations, was lucky enough to win the job. A partnership with sociologist Marcie Lightwood followed, bringing her considerable experience in parenting and counseling to the creation of a program called “Welcome to Our Family”. Our child abuse prevention program ran for five years, largely in inner-city host sites.


A most amazing experience it was!   Working with over thirty schools and social service agencies, we were given an open-ended opportunity to design, test and develop lessons in self-protective strategies for elementary aged children. In some seventy, three to six session after-school programs, Welcome to Our Family reached over four thousand students, teachers and family members, many of them multiple times. This short book is the result of these classroom and assembly experiences.   And, it is the product of the many hours we spent with dozens teachers, school counselors, and administrators who helped us shape the current “Circle of Safety” strategy and program.


Currently, Mock Turtle is busy creating a new publication on the theater’s experience in the field of Child Abuse Prevention. We hope to make this book and the accompanying video available to all in 2015.

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