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Mock Turtle Marionette Theater is a puppet theater company dedicated to the creation of enduring childhood experiences through performances and workshops that uphold the integrity of the arts and the dignity of human beings

Assembly Offerings

Our current school assembly programs include two educational solo pieces, Tinker, Tailor, Puppet-maker, a play that supports school arts programming and Book, Beast and Puppet, our young readers show.   Both shows are available with workshop offerings and a standards-based educational package. Also available in the coming year will be ShadowStories is our first all shadow puppet show for school assemblies.




Book, Beast and Puppet
Featuring over a dozen marionettes, hand and rod puppets, our play treats the audience to some of the greatest animal characters of all time. The Bremantown Musicians, Br’er Rabbit, Jumping Mouse and many others will convene on stage to celebrate the fun and importance of reading.


Tinker, Tailor, Puppet-maker
Our play is a call for all children to get up and make things. Whether it is a play or a poem, a carved puppet or a birthday cake, Mock Turtle will cheer your students on!  A rare blend of puppetry, storytelling and audience participation, Tinker,Tailor, Puppet-maker seeks out the artist and the maker in all children.


Our new show for libraries, schools and community settings presents a glowing set of stories from places as diverse as China, Africa, Ireland and Bali.  Our shadow puppet plays are accompanied by the music from their native lands and include short demonstrations of how shadow puppets work.  The program runs about fifty minutes and is appropriate for kids 2 to 12 years old.

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