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Mock Turtle Marionette Theater is a puppet theater company dedicated to the creation of enduring childhood experiences through performances and workshops that uphold the integrity of the arts and the dignity of human beings




Puppet-making Workshops

Mock Turtle’s puppet-making sessions feature an extremely adaptable puppets we call “oakies.” Our oak tag puppets come in great variety to support different lessons and occasions. The workshop puppets we present include a fine menagerie of characters including lions, dragons, aliens, superheroes, presidents, explorers, eagles and holiday figures of all kinds.



collab01Script-writing Workshops

Mock Turtle has a long history of providing standards-based curricular writing lessons. Our lessons focus on solid academic topics such as creative writing, environmental subjects and reading support. The script-writing sessions combine with the puppets to create fresh and surprising lessons.



service02Classroom Visits

A post-show tour of the classrooms with our marionettes greatly increases the participatory aspect of a school assembly. Mock Turtle’s fifteen minute classroom visits include short demonstrations of marionettes, a question/answer session and puppet hand-shaking at the conclusion.



service03Teacher In-Services

The biggest challenge in educational puppetry is to keep puppet lessons academically appropriate and schedule-friendly.  Our highly participatory puppetry in-services teach strategies for producing great puppet-based lessons in a timely fashion. Our streamlined production methods and simplified scripts make it possible for any teacher to bring the magic of puppetry into the classroom.

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