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Mock Turtle Marionette Theater is a puppet theater company dedicated to the creation of enduring childhood experiences through performances and workshops that uphold the integrity of the arts and the dignity of human beings

Current Offerings

Tinker, Tailor, Puppet-Maker

Mock Turtle presents its show about the importance and wonder of making things.  Featuring puppet-maker Doug Roysdon, the show follows the path of a student growing up, book by book and puppet by puppet, to become an artist.  The show features a parade of marionettes, storytelling and audience participation.




Book, Beast and Puppet

Based on a fine roster of literary animal characters, this is a show all about the adventure of learning how to read.  Meet the Cat and the Fiddle, Br’er Rabbit and the Bremantown musicians as we review the steps of becoming a “genuine, read-it-yourself reader”.  The show comes with lots of great audience participation.


10 Wolf WomanThe Puppet Zoo       

A twenty minute puppet show featuring many of Mock Turtle’s animal puppets culminates in a thirty-five minute puppet-making workshop for the whole family. Workshop puppets range from flower puppets to dragons depending on the age group.  Mock Turtle brings all the supplies and equipment plus some ideas for follow-up activities.




touring-recordThe Dancing Granny 

Tumbling onto the stage, marionettes, shadow puppets, a lion mask puppet and the sounds of Africa make The Dancing Granny a  puppetry spectacle with great appeal for all ages. The tales include familiar characters like spider Anansi, Brer Rabbit, Boss lion and whole cast of shadow puppets.




Chinese Shadows GalleryShadowStories

Our new show for libraries, schools and community settings presents a glowing set of stories from places as diverse as China, Africa, Ireland and Bali.  Our shadow puppet plays are accompanied by the music from their native lands and include short demonstrations of how shadow puppets work.  The program runs about fifty minutes and is appropriate for kids 2 to 12 years old.


just like a puppetJust Like a Puppet

Mock Turtle’s Doug Roysdon has teamed up with Touchstone Theatre’s Bill George to create a play about pure puppet magic.  Just Like a Puppet, a production reminiscent of an illustrated children’s storybook, features two neighbors, Mr Botts and Mr. Finch in their rollicking efforts to discover the true source of puppet magic.  Full of storytelling, audience participation and music, the play culminates in the surprising revelation of the secret of puppetry. 


museum of musicThe Museum of Music

Created in collaboration with the Pennsylvania Sinfonia Orchestra, The Museum of Music features a trio of Sinfonia musicians and a host of musical puppets made by Doug Roysdon.  The play illustrates how classical music originates from people of all walks of life and from international influences.  Blending storytelling, puppetry and live musical accompaniment, Museum of Music encourages children to understand that Classical Music belongs to them.

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